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Essentially, for similar reasons, people need tradies…

Although your clients might prefer being out shopping for trendy floor coverings, shiny new furniture and state of the art technology, they’re paying qualified tradies to sort out the building works and to put the basics in place first. They understand and appreciate that the building must be safe and meet multiple regulations that are not familiar to them. 

They could YouTube how to fix the blocked toilet or DIY concrete floor grinding. However, they don’t have the time, expertise or tools to do a professional job that will meet the necessary building codes and acceptable standards.  Plus, they need to focus on their actual work. So, they leave the plumber, electrician, builder, floor layer, painter to get on with the jobs they know best. 

Business admin services, like Eyre Business, work with tradies across Australia by way of providing professional, compliant, and cost-effective office support services for their businesses. With the business admin team managing the paperwork, back-office administration and customer service enquiries for business owners, you have more time and resources to focus and prioritise achieving your goals, working with your customers, and building your business growth. Here are just a few examples of how using a business admin support service makes tradie business better!

Better Business Management

As business owners and managers, you probably have ever-increasing and competing demands, and daily pressures, sapping their time, energy, and resources. Delegating your most time-consuming non-core business administration to a business admin support service alleviates that stress and delivers to you compliant administration, more sales and better customer service. 


Business admin support services keep your admin up to date, applying the latest regulations as it relates to your paperwork. Knowing that your documentation is compliant provides much relief to business owners, especially given that ignorance is no longer an acceptable excuse by the government agencies such as the Fair Work Ombudsman, ATO and ASIC. They also work with other professional advisers should any highly technical information/clarification be required.

Improving your Customer Service

 Your business admin support service can take messages, book appointments, and respond to online enquiries and may quote small jobs on your behalf. You will have more time to spend with clients making sales when they take on your follow up tasks, including follow up and organise suppliers’ quotes/orders, coordinate documents, submit compliance paperwork, chase payments, invoicing, receipts, and so much more!

Growing Sales

Switching your customer calls to a business admin support service means that you can sell more.  Customers are far more impressed when they have your full attention and not being interrupted mid-sentence by your phone dinging or buzzing. Having a good, detailed conversation with the customer about your quote or the work to be done will help you secure the sale. Meanwhile, your business admin support service is dealing with your phone calls from others.

All office services and easy access

Business admin support services provide professional office administration, data entry, customer bookings, letters, templates, customer follow-up, and so much more to businesses, often, regardless of their location. They usually work virtually, which means you can phone, email or txt a dedicated support person throughout the day without having to run an office.  

Skilled staff and back up

They can allocate a suitably experienced person to your business needs and work collaboratively. You don’t have to worry about office staff taking leave days or not turning up at the last minute! 


Outsourcing your admin to can be a very cost-effective move over the longer term. Having your paperwork and admin up to date, submitted on time, with no backlogs can equal less late fees, less risk of fines, and less stress. More so, every hour of your time spent learning and doing admin is an hour you could have used to bring in a new customer or keep an existing customer. Likewise, choosing to take time out to look after your health, wellbeing, and relationships instead of overwhelming yourself in document templates, forms, or employee payroll issues could be vital to you and the success of your business.

Eyre Business services offer a special Tradies in Business pricing schedule. Feel free to contact them at [email protected] with your enquiry.

Eyre Business is a certified social trading company that creates jobs for experienced people in rural, drought-affected Aussie regions. They are tapping into a pool of talented and diligent people who are mostly self-taught, so Eyre Business is upskilling them with formal qualifications and providing jobs and careers that did not exist. As a social trading company, along with our commitment to community betterment, more than half of their profit goes back to directly supporting rural community programs.

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