Break free from the burnout of 2023

Did your holiday break turn into a race against stress and pressure? Cluttered mind and it’s affecting the business? Here’s a message from Nic & Waz, it’s time to shake it off and start fresh for the new year.

Admit it, those New Year’s resolutions are probably tucked away on the bottom shelf. Let’s shift our focus from resolutions to setting intentions and directions for a more purposeful approach.

Mindful working towards intentions 

Explore the concept of mindfully working towards intentions without drowning in pressure. We’ve seen many people achieve a lot more by taking off the pressure. It’s about changing your mindset to avoid that ‘failure’ feeling and embracing the journey. It might sound a bit cheesy, but shifting your words and language can truly influence your thinking. 

While goals provide a destination, intentions sculpt the journey. Goals are the tangible milestones like completing modules or gaining specific knowledge. Intentions delve deeper into the ‘why’ – the mindset shift, the stress-free learning, and the freedom to pace yourself in the journey ahead.

Adding structure to the goals

But here’s the thing, you have to be ready for it. Setting the vibes and directions without proper planning won’t get you anywhere. We need structure too. And we got the solution for you.

Start your journey to improve with the Tradies In Business Essentials Course. This self-paced gem empowers you to learn stress-free at your own pace. Dive into business checklists, templates and video guides, and implement the changes you need with full support and guidance from Waz & Nic. Plus get exclusive access to a Facebook group community. 

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We’re also gearing up for our first client event this year – Plan for Profit Live in Melbourne this 23rd January. This event will help you understand your profit drivers to develop profitable strategies, set impactful business goals for 2024, and connect with fellow like minded business owners.

Want a backstage pass? As a course subscriber and follower of Tradies In Business, we’re inviting you to join our clients to shift your headspace and make 2024 ‘the year’ for you! 

Whether in person or via Zoom, it’s time to move forward with purpose so follow our socials for more information (FB & IG).