A half-day Free workshop to change your business for
the better

business control program

This is the event that leads to trade business success

A Voice To Our Industry

Does this sound like you...

business control program

You started your business so you could live a better life But you’re flat out and working more than ever

You’re making money… But it’s never quite enough and it’s stressing you out

It’s hard to knock off at the end of the day Because you never feel on top of things

It’s not that easy to sleep at night Because you have cash flow and that epic to-do list on your mind

You’re working late and doing what you can for your family But they’re not happy, and neither are you

Free time feels like a fantasy You never get an early finish, let alone a full weekend off Sound familiar? This tradie business workshop is 100% for you.

Australia’s #1 Event for Tradie Business owners

business control program

To provide maximum value at this event, we have broken down the most important things trade business owners need to know in order to: 

  • Find more hours in the day
  • Take control of cash flow
  • Get more from their team
  • Organise daily workflow
  • Get better customers with less effort
  • Boost revenue and profits
  • Increase their tradie business success


business control program

How to manage your costs, pricing, profitability and your cash flow.

How to make sure you get paid on time

The operational systems, HR and Sales and Marketing processes that will give you a business with real momentum

How to create better habits and improve your focus

How to establish a clear direction for your business

The secrets to feeling good about what you do every day 

This trade business workshop is customised to answer the biggest questions of Aussie tradies. You’ll leave with a heap of ideas that you can start implementing straight away.

Meet Nic and Waz

Trade business
Success experts

business control program

We’re award-winning coaches who have first-hand experience in the trade industry. 

This trade business workshop has been created with Aussie trade businesses in mind so it only contains content that’s relevant to you and what you’re trying to achieve. 

If you want to find trade business success and earn real profits so you can spend more time doing what you love, this will mark the turning point in your journey. 

Act now and receive more than
$1,000 worth of bonus gifts!

business control program

We’re here to help… starting with a bunch of free stuff

Bonus Gift #1

The 5 templates you need to make immediate change

business control program

Why re-invent the wheel? These plug-and-play templates will help you to improve your business with less trial and error. From marketing to HR, cash flow to goal setting, we’ve got you covered.

Bonus Gift #2

3 of our top value Video masterclasses.

business control program

Get clear instructions on how to use the tools we’ve shared with you. Cash flow, HR, and marketing are all covered in these masterclass video sessions.

Bonus Gift #3

Digital copy of your yearly business planner.

business control program

Make your goals intentional and keep track of your progress so you stay focused and organised. Our Tradiepreneur™ Program members have added thousands of $$ to their own pockets using this one tool alone!

Bonus Gift #4

3 of our most popular business templates.

business control program

Another 3 of our Tradiepreneur™ plug-and-play templates for you to customise for your business, because more of a good thing is a good thing, right?

Bonus Gift #5

Profit first for Tradiepreneurs.

business control program

An acclaimed financial expert’s guide to getting paid

Profit First is a system that was designed to help all Entrepreneurs to make more profit and see that profit in the form of cash! The system, if you follow it closely, will see you take better holidays, drive better cars and eat better meals. 

Having this guide will help you deal with your finances. You will have less stress and more control over your business too. 

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business control program

Recent Client Stories

business control program

TiB is a judgement-free, no-nonsense community

business growth tips

In the year from when we took the leap into business and into the community of TIB, we have learnt so much. We have learnt from you, the community and from our mistakes and how to not make them again. This is only possible because of TIB. You have assisted us in seeing the areas we are doing well, the areas we can learn from and how we can grow.

We have gone from a husband and wife team to a team of 5, with so many possibilities to grow. This is only year one and we can’t believe how much we have achieved.

Stuart & Kylie Clear
business growth tips

Do you feel you miss out on family life because you are quoting till 10pm at night? Is everything piling on top of each other? Behind in quoting and letting down clients? Ignoring phone calls because you didn’t send that quote within 7 days? Being a Tradie Business owner doesn’t have to be like this. Just give Tradies In Business a call, what do you have to lose?

Luke & Renata DeVincenzo
business growth tips

Nic and Waz have helped us to move out of ‘owning a job’ and into ‘owning a business’. We had no idea the amount of things we didn’t know and the simple things you can implement to give your clients the best possible version of your business. We have happier team, happier clients and happier selves since joining 12 months ago

Ash & Beau Wheeler
business growth tips

Being in the program really helps you break free from the mindset of a Tradie and into the mindset of a business owner. 

It’s nice to be among people to share problems with. And realising that they have been through the same thing and can help with that problem. And it’s nice to be able to help others with their problems.

Taman Treweek
business growth tips

Why suffer in silence? When you can amazing business coaches and TIB community support your every move in business? (and I mean the old and the bad!) They are there to support you and help you become the best version of yourself and your business identity! Don’t wait as long as we did to have this in our lives…sign up now!

Cam & Emily Guest

Nic and Warrick  (Waz) have a unique coaching style, their online events I found are informative and held in a relaxed manner, where you can join in the conversation, and give some feedback or just listen and take notes. The content is always relative to the problems that we encounter in our businesses, Nic and Waz are always thinking outside the box to come up with solutions to solve those problems. Jump online and check them out.

Lloyd Osbon

Frequently Asked Questions

business control program

You sure will, our team will be in contact with you to help you prepare.

Yes please!!! Tradie Businesses are managed by both parties in a relationship/marriage even if your spouse doesn’t take an active role in the business. The best results we see frequently come from couples who undertake this training together.

It’s FREE… because Waz and Nic made a commitment early in their business journey to assist as many tradie business owners as possible.

You’ll be sent a link to join the event. Simply hit the link five minutes before the start time and you’ll go into the main event space where your microphone will be muted and your video turned off. During the course of the session, Waz and Nic will open up the floor for questions, or you can ask anytime with the chat feature. Please ensure you remove distractions to prevent distracting the whole group.

Nope, that’s not TiB’s style. What we will do is give you a quick snapshot of our 12-month program and how it has benefited others. No pressure at all. Waz and Nic are keen to ensure you get value from the session without feeling pressured by a sales pitch.

Pens, paper and an open mind are all that you need for the session. In some parts, you’ll be provided with a handout to help assist with getting the most out of your session.