We’re all about keeping the good times rolling here in the Tradiepreneur Program. That’s why we’ve got our calendar of events and small-group getaways exclusive to our members. And one of the absolute highlights in our calendar is the annual Tradies in Business Conference, which we hosted in Melbourne.

Our annual TiB Conference is like a family reunion, but for Tradiepreneurs. It’s their chance to catch up live with the coaches, Nic and Waz, and, of course, their fellow Tradiepreneur members. We spent a solid three days soaking up knowledge, making awesome connections, and just having a ball with our social events.

Some of the topics we covered over the three days were:

  • Leadership and Headspace Expert Session with Joe Pane
  • Ashley Shield from de Jonge Read with an informative session about How You Can Protect Your Business

We want to give a big shoutout to all the incredible speakers who shared their insights and passion with us during the conference. And, a massive thank you to everyone who attended.

As we wrap up the whole conference, and to keep the competitive spirit alive, we threw in a couple of social events that were an absolute hit! We kicked things off with a Pool Comp, pitting our Tradiepreneur community against each other in a friendly yet fierce battle of skills. We also took the community to a Winery Tour in Yarra Valley, Victoria’s oldest wine region, to savor the flavors of the area.

Now, the excitement doesn’t stop there—we’re already psyched about next year’s conference in Adelaide! So, buckle up, because we’re cooking up an even more epic conference for our Tradiepreneur community.