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business control program

We’re here to make a difference

We want you to be a successful Tradie in Business

business control program

You have worked so hard for years. Now it’s time to reap the rewards.

Who this tradiepreneur program is for…

Tradies in Business helps trade business owners who are sick of all the stress and want to:

  • Straighten up the back end of things
  • Make more customers happy
  • Take control of cash flow
  • Make more money without working longer hours
  • Build a better team
  • Get leads with less effort
  • Get their lives back
  • Do more for their family

You also get the benefit of access to 2 of Australia’s top Tradie Business Coaches plus an incredibly supportive community that always has your back.

Who it’s not for…

If you are trapped by excuses and if you talk about taking action but never actually get there, this tradiepreneur program won’t make a difference to your trade business.

While we’re here to show you what you need to do, support you and have your back, it’s up to you to implement what you learn. But don’t worry; whenever you have a question the entire community is here to help.

We know you’ll find this experience rewarding and can’t wait to have you on board.

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business control program

Here’s how we are going to help
you level up your trades business

business control program

Your membership includes everything you need to take back control

Simpler systems

Ready-made resources

business control program

Don’t waste hours trying to figure things out on your own. Access trade business training and resources that give you all the answers.

  • Done for you systems
  • Plug and play template library

Live coaching with 2 of Australia’s Top Trade Business Experts

business control program
  • Access to TWO coaches for unique perspective
  • On-demand, Private and live, group coaching
  • Email access for document and system critiques

*frequency and access depends on program level chosen

One-on-one support

Personalised catch-ups

business control program

You’ll have time to ask the questions that matter the most and be kept accountable so you achieve your business growth goals.

  • ‘Alignment’ + Goal Setting sessions
  • Weekly commitment tracking
  • Monthly progress reviews
  • Private Facebook group
Endless knowledge

Access to experts

business control program

Learn the latest tricks to grow your business or tap into our trade business training library and expand your knowledge at any time.

  • Expert session video libraries
  • Expert guest webinars
  • Monthly ‘Ask us anything’ sessions
So many extras

Live events, awards and more

business control program

We offer our members an exciting calendar of events and small-group getaways.

  • Annual TiB Conference
  • Tradies In Business Excellence Awards
  • Tradies Live Retreat (Optional extra for clients only)

Find Out More About The Tradiepreneur Program

Want to learn more? Simply fill out your details and a team member will be in touch.

business control program

Recent Client Stories

business control program

TiB is a judgement-free, no-nonsense community

business growth tips

In the year from when we took the leap into business and into the community of TIB, we have learnt so much. We have learnt from you, the community and from our mistakes and how to not make them again. This is only possible because of TIB. You have assisted us in seeing the areas we are doing well, the areas we can learn from and how we can grow.

We have gone from a husband and wife team to a team of 5, with so many possibilities to grow. This is only year one and we can’t believe how much we have achieved.

Stuart & Kylie Clear
business growth tips

Do you feel you miss out on family life because you are quoting till 10pm at night? Is everything piling on top of each other? Behind in quoting and letting down clients? Ignoring phone calls because you didn’t send that quote within 7 days? Being a Tradie Business owner doesn’t have to be like this. Just give Tradies In Business a call, what do you have to lose?

Luke & Renata DeVincenzo
business growth tips

Nic and Waz have helped us to move out of ‘owning a job’ and into ‘owning a business’. We had no idea the amount of things we didn’t know and the simple things you can implement to give your clients the best possible version of your business. We have happier team, happier clients and happier selves since joining 12 months ago

Ash & Beau Wheeler
business growth tips

Being in the program really helps you break free from the mindset of a Tradie and into the mindset of a business owner. 

It’s nice to be among people to share problems with. And realising that they have been through the same thing and can help with that problem. And it’s nice to be able to help others with their problems.

Taman Treweek
business growth tips

Why suffer in silence? When you can amazing business coaches and TIB community support your every move in business? (and I mean the old and the bad!) They are there to support you and help you become the best version of yourself and your business identity! Don’t wait as long as we did to have this in our lives…sign up now!

Cam & Emily Guest

Nic and Warrick  (Waz) have a unique coaching style, their online events I found are informative and held in a relaxed manner, where you can join in the conversation, and give some feedback or just listen and take notes. The content is always relative to the problems that we encounter in our businesses, Nic and Waz are always thinking outside the box to come up with solutions to solve those problems. Jump online and check them out.

Lloyd Osbon

We’ve Helped 150+ Tradies.

business control program

Frequently Asked Questions

business control program

Yes, it can be tricky to work in your business and on it at the same time but every step we show you that you implement is designed to save you hours every week. After a couple of extra busy months, you’ll notice the pressure is easing but the money is still flowing in.

Think about what will happen if you never make a change… do you want to be trapped in the same position 20 years from now?

We have members from all over Australia. Most sessions are held online but you’ll have the opportunity to join us at a range of locations for conferences and retreats.

At the end of your 6th month in the program, you will have the opportunity to attend a review meeting with Tradies in Business, where we will assess your progress including attendance and execution levels. If you have achieved the minimum attendance and execution criteria but have not obtained the pre-agreed goals, then you may be released from the remainder of your program with no exit penalty.

All conference fees and materials are included for you and your spouse or partner. However, flights, accommodation, meals (including Platinum & Masters Dinners), drinks and all other personal expenses are the responsibility of the Tradiepreneur member. You also understand that if we are unable to run in-person events for any reason, we reserve the right to shift dates and/or move location and the associated losses or transfer costs are the responsibility of you, the member. Alternatively, we reserve the right to offer a live-streamed or pre-recorded experience.

We don’t encourage people to pitch to other members however we are happy to discuss more formal partnership arrangements.

Many members of our trade business training program are the partners of trade business owners. You’ll find a positive and supportive community of ‘other halfs’ who you’ll find you have a lot in common with. 

We want you at the annual conference and we also have some separate events for all our fabulous tradie wives/partners.

Frequently Asked Questions

business control program

We have programs for all budgets, starting from less than $600. Waz and Nic will work with you to find the right level to suit your business, your goals and your budget.

We have structured the program to allow maximum exposure spread out over each month. What that means is that you are able to pick and choose the sessions that work best for you. Nic and Waz will be working closely with you to identify where your time sucks are like, quoting, tyre kickers, call backs on jobs, staff questions, paperwork and office based tasks to name a few. You can start to make changes to your business with as little as 1-2 hours per week.

No!!! The Tradiepreneur program is designed to meet you and your business exactly where it is at, right now. You’ll be given a personalised Tradiepreneur pathway to accelerate your results, based on your business alone.

Every business is different and the time we can dedicate to creating change will also vary our timeframes and most of our clients are seeing a positive return on their investment within 3-5 months. For some that means time back (yay for the weekends!) and for others that is an increase in profitability.

Nope!! We have members all over Australia and New Zealand. Our program is mostly delivered online and we have regular live events that you can attend as part of the program.

Weather actively involved in the business or not, partners, wives and husbands are encouraged to participate for all program levels. At some levels staff may also be included.

Find Out More About The Tradiepreneur Program

Want to learn more? Simply fill out your details and a team member will be in touch.

business control program