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business control program

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Let’s Begin your Journey to Get Off the Tools

business control program

Our self-paced, 6 module course comes with full support to help you implement the changes needed, through videos for each section of each module and a Facebook group dedicated to fellow TiB Business Essentials members as well as the TiB team. We will guide you through each tool, the benefit of using and HOW to use it in your business.

Module 1

Get Ready For Business

The basics, from calendar control, accounting software and marketing, this module will get your basics set and ready to go.
Module 2

Planning for Profit

We’ll help you create your very own One Page Business Plan to set the direction of your business. Also included is access to one of our incredible 90-day planning sessions.
Module 3

Money Management

Money, a tricky subject for many of us! Our included tools and resources will allow you to be ahead of the game when it comes to money management in your trade business
Module 4

Sales Success

This tried and tested sales process will deliver the right clients, at the right time.
Module 5

People Management

Team, whether you have one now, or needing to build, Nic and Waz teach you the fundamentals to having the right structure in place to have an unbeatable team
Module 6

Marketing for Tradies in Business

We’ll dig deeper into where your leads actually come from, how to make sure your marketing funds are well-spent, and ways to handle social media like a pro.

Simply Create a Business That Works FOR You!

business control program

Whether you’ve been in business for 10 minutes or 10 years, this mini-course will set you up with the essentials for a true, trade business.

Frequently Asked Questions

business control program

Our Tradies in Business Essentials Course is valued close to $1,500. With our current Special Offer, you can get lifetime access for only just $13! Make sure to use our coupon COURSE13

  • Lifetime access to our comprehensive 6-module course.
  • You’ll get our handy guide on: Starting A Tradie Business Checklist
  • Access to our exclusive Facebook Group community.
  • And full support throughout your business journey, guided by Nic & Waz.

The course is designed to be self-paced, so you’ve got the freedom to learn at your own rhythm. No rush, no stress—take it whenever it suits your schedule. Dive in and finish whenever works best for you.

No prerequisites! This course is designed to accommodate all levels of expertise. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for years, you’ll find valuable insights and critical lessons to enhance your business skills.

We have experienced first hand the pain many families go through while building a trade related business – stress, long hours, fights over money, relationship strain and the physical toll of the ʻnever ending’. We know they wonder if it will ever be different, or is this it?

We don’t want to see any more tradies and their families suffer the way many in trade businesses do.
We don’t want any tradies to fail in their business, their families or their relationships.
We don’t want to see tradies suffer burnout or mental health issues.

We do want to help tradies understand and access the power they have in their businesses.
We do want to work with tradies in business to help build their legacy and their freedom.
We do want to help tradies get off the tools and into true business ownership to progress their life and business.
We aim to directly impact the lives of 10,000 tradie business owners and their families by fostering better skills around health, wealth and relationships. We believe a fulfilling life and a sustainable, successful business as a possibility for all Tradies in Business.