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I’ve just been to a networking function this morning where I was invited to attend as the guest speaker.

I’m not a big fan of networking, I don’t really enjoy it. It’s not my thing. It’s kind of like school, I was always pretty good at school but I hated it. I did pretty well at it.

Sometimes the things we’re good at, we don’t necessarily like, but sometimes some things can give us pretty good results.

I went on this morning, I accepted the invitation to speak as a guest.

Had about twenty-five business owners. Probably half the room were trades people and service start businesses.

A lot of people in there, I guess what you would say is my target audience, and our target audience for the Tradies Business Show.

The thing that struck me on what I wanted to chat about was this whole thing of turning up.

So often we avoid things that we either don’t like doing, or we don’t necessarily think that we’re going to get anything out of it.

I went along this morning as a favour to a fellow business owner that asked me if I’d come as a guest speaker.

I kind of did that as a favour for him, wasn’t expecting anything out of it. I did get a free breakfast, which was kind of cool!

What ended up actually happening is I’ve ended up with a couple of pretty amazing business opportunities off the back of it.

Very unexpected. Very pleasantly surprised.

Honestly I’m going to come clean and say this almost always happens when I show up. Not just to speaking events and those sorts of things, but when I show up in life  is when things happen.

I just wonder if there’s areas in your business for you, or in your life where you’re not showing up as much as you could.

I know I’ve done it over the last twelve or eighteen months, and I’ve shared a little bit on the podcast about some of my personal challenges in the last year or so.

I spoke a little bit about that this morning as part of my keynote.

We put on this mask when we go out there in public.

We pretend everything’s all cool and all rosy, when actually fact we might be … We don’t have to be struggling, but maybe you’re a bit quiet at the moment.

You don’t tell people honestly that the business is a bit tough.

Maybe you’re having some challenges at home and you’re not doing your best work in your business.

Rather than tell people that, you just make excuses.

It makes it very hard to take ownership when we don’t be honest and open with people.

Also, it makes it hard to show up authentically, too. I don’t think people really know that. We’re pretty perceptive as human beings, we know when people aren’t being honest.

We know when they’re not showing up.

I want to put it out that if there’s some areas in your life where maybe you’re not showing up the way that you have in the past, or the way that you could be.

Maybe you’re talking yourself out of things that you don’t like doing, even though you know that they’d probably work well for you. Like, when I go out and do get some speaking spots. Keynotes always end up with great opportunities.

Worst case, I just meet some great people and find about a bit more about local business or get a bit more insight into what’s working and what’s not working for people as far as their business journeys.

Have a look at where you could show up a bit more and perhaps step outside that comfort zone and get a little uncomfortable this week and go do something that scares you.