Warrick shares a story of a recent job completed by a electrician at his house recently which didn’t go exactly to plan.



Here’s a little interesting story for you.

I had some new smoke alarms installed at my house today, and I’m not going to mention any names so I don’t incriminate the electrician who did the job for me.

He sent one of his staff out, which was awesome, booked the job in, gave me a quote, all good.

I got a call from my ex-wife who lives at the house, to say that the new smoke alarms were beeping incessantly.

Anyway, I got the electrician to ring her. I was in an appointment, and she managed to pull them off the ceiling and stick them outside.

When I’ve come back to the house to drop in and try and fix it up for her, you might be able to see this plastic on the battery.

The electrician who installed the smoke alarms, good job, but just forgot a small detail, which almost cost them another 30-minute drive to my ex-wife’s house, to actually fix up the job, which would’ve cost the business owner a hundred bucks in wages, maybe?

Maybe more?

Sometimes it’s the little things that can bring us unstuck

So attention to detail, maybe a written procedure.

I know it’s something simple, but perhaps even a checklist, so that you don’t let a bit of plastic cost you all of the money that you might’ve made on that job, so until next time.

Catch you around.