So, you’re great at your trade – but not so great at managing your business’s cashflow? The Tradies in Business team gets it. Truly. As her husband’s rock & support, years ago Nic took on the management of his business and realised the importance of setting up an effective cashflow process. Waz on the other hand, was grown and raised in a family full of tradies, and just knew there must be a way to be doing things better.

We know Nic & Waz aren’t the only ones out there who faced the same struggles – in fact, managing cashflow, quoting and costs is amongst the most frequently asked questions for many of our active members. Here’s where the Cashflow Challenge comes in and saves us all.

The Cashflow Challenge is a FREE four-week course held in our private Facebook group that will teach you everything you need to know about cost management, margins and mark-ups, quoting and your personal break-even point. We’ll teach you how to confidently price quotes, win jobs and financially come out on top every month; leaving you with more time to spend with your families and doing the activities you love. Here’s what we will be covering:

Week One: Costing

In the first week, Nic & Waz will introduce themselves to all who don’t know them, familiarise you with the Facebook Group and the structure of the challenge and proceed to dive into everything costing related. You can expect to realise and break down your business costs, uncover the most efficient ways to track expenses, learn about tried and tested methods for reducing outgoings and find out how to manage this all WITHOUT spending hours in the office.

Week Two: Margins

Week two will see Nic & Waz present the key difference between margins & mark-up to you and breakdown the meaning of these words for your business. This weeks webinar will share industry insights and guidelines to marking up correctly for your field and income, how to work out your business’s unique margin and mark-up % and why it isn’t as complex as accountants make it out to be…

Week Three: Quoting

In our third week of the Cashflow Challenge, we will uncover everything about quoting. Nic & Waz will step you through your conversion rate, quoting to maximise this, what things really improve job profit and how to inbuilt all costs into your quoting to make sure you come out on top.

Week Four: Break-even Point

To wrap everything up, we’ll use our exclusive break-even calculator with each of you to uncover what you need to be earning to ensure you and your business breaks even. Knowing this simple number will assist you in setting simple targets for your business to improve cashflow. No more working your butt off without a goal in mind – it’s time to figure out exactly what you should be aiming for!

We are taking sign-ups for our Cashflow Challenge NOW!

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