Here are the latest tech and software updates this month from our Technology partners Tradiepad.

Mobile Payments


A common request we receive is around “mobile payment systems”. No longer do you need expensive EFTPOS equipment and fees, or pay ridiculous fees to a bank.

Just like the job and project management tools we work with, there is no “one size fits all”. We have partnered with a range of providers, with more to come in the near future. Each will suit different businesses depending on their unique requirements.

Here is a link to one of the most innovative and versatile solutions currently in use by hundreds of businesses across the country. We’ve negotiated an exclusive deal for TradiePad clients and associates, so it’s well worth a look.

TradiePad/Mint Payments – Mobile Payment Solution

Software News



Tradify was previously known as Smartjobs but they felt that the name needed an update given their focus within the Trades. We’ve seen some major improvements in the speed and performance of the Tradify App and Web Console over the last couple of months. We know there are a heap of new features coming out next month that we’ve provided a lot of input around and can’t wait to see them rolled out.



ServiceM8 have just announced an integration to Deputy which sees daily timesheet information being collected within ServiceM8 and fed into Deputy for payroll processing. This information is then pushed into the payroll system of all of the leading cloud accounting packages for creation of the payrun. Perfect for larger teams who have complex payroll requirements. Contact us for details

But wait ….. there’s more!!  ServiceM8 have a game changing feature coming VERY soon. Stay tuned!


workflowmax-logo-250.111527Keep an eye out in August for the new timer in WFM. This allows you to start the timer when you start a task and click stop when you finish. Time will be recorded whilst the timer is running and you will have the option of recording notes as well. This will also form part of a release for the new iOS mobile application coming soon. The mobile app will allow you to view jobs, record time (including the timer functionality) and even take photos on site. This will be available from the app store and will be completely free.

simPRO Service

simpro250.111932simPRO Service now has the ability to track your Plant and Equipment. Add all your Plant items then schedule and/or cost them to your jobs. Everything from ladders to power tools can be tracked. You can even add charge-out rates to each item to make invoicing so much easier.

Comparing Google for Work(Google Apps) and Microsoft Office 365

googleforwork.091145Both Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 are very good products having similar fundamental features.

Google is generally easier to use, being a significantly less complex, not to mention less costly option. Google Apps is available on all your devices irrespective of the operating system and brand of device.

Microsoft Office 365 tends to have more features, however for most small to medium businesses these extra features are rarely (if ever) needed and can make using the software overly complicated

Advantages To Using Google Apps:

  • Safe, secure, and reliable
  • Simplicity –  setup and training is far easier than 365. (no complex menus)
  • Powerful,  with all the features you need for spreadsheeting & word processing
  • Built for smaller teams however there is no limit on numbers
  • Live Collaboration & file sharing
  • Calendar sharing and integration with numerous applications
  • Email addresses with your domain name
  • Alias and group email addresses at no extra cost
  • Alias domain names
  • Import & Export documents & spreadsheets to & from other formats
  • Documents, data, spreadsheets available anywhere there is internet access on any PC & device and can be access “Offline”
  • Documents can be accessed via an app or via a browser
  • Administration – simple to understand your plan & to renew
  • Features – in reality, all you’ll ever need to get the job done
  • Value – Economical, and simple to understand pricing plans

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