What a year it was in 2015 for the show.

A huge thank you to all our listeners that join us every week to hear us bang on about stuff!  

We thought it would be fitting to go back and see what our most popular episodes were and there are some interesting inclusions in the 10 most popular episodes, based on downloads, listener feedback and the reaction we have had from our audience.  In order of popularity…

  1. Should you sponsor the local footy club?

    Ok this was a surprise to us but this was the most downloaded episode by a long way (twice as many as number 2!!).

    Seems like a simple answer – “yes”.  Right?

    Wazza doesn’t agree and shares his reasons why, as well as some rules you can apply to all your marketing, whether it’s the local footy club, the coasters at the surf club or your phone book listing!

    We’re not saying don’t sponsor the under 9’s side. What we are saying though is don’t do it purely for marketing or advertising reasons because there’s much better return on investment strategies you should be considering first.

  2. 10 Tips for Managing email

    “You’ve got mail!”

    Remember when that was exciting? Hollywood even made a movie about it back when email was new, cool, exciting and fast!

    These days, mention the word ‘inbox’ and it’s enough to fill people with dread, drain the colour from their face and get their blood pressure spiking. There’s even a term for it – inbox fatigue.

    While we’re not here to get you to inbox zero, we do have some tips for managing your email inbox so it’s less overwhelming and gets back to being a great business tool. Tune in as we take you through their top 10 or read the blog post about managing email overwhelm.

  3. Tim Reid Talks Marketing Your Trade Business For Free

    On this episode we talk to Tim Reid, host of Australia’s number 1 marketing podcast, Small Business Big Marketing.

    We’re both fans of Tim’s podcast and actually credit Timbo as being one of the catalysts for us starting our show. Tim is a guru when it comes to marketing a small business and a tradie business is no exception! 

    In fact, Timbo reckons that Tradies have a great opportunity to improve their business through smart marketing that doesn’t cost a cent. With over 200 interviews with successful small businesses under his belt, Timbo shares his tips on marketing a tradie business like:

    • paying attention to the little things
    • creating ‘wow’ moments with customers
    • taking action on customer feedback
    • showing people you care
    • freely sharing your expert knowledge as a way to show your expertise
    • and much, much more.

    There really was marketing gold dripping from the Tradies Business Show ceiling in this episode so jump in and take a listen!

  4. How To Get 10 Hours A Week Back Using Cloud Technology with Tradiepad

    Still using a paper diary in your business?

    Well, today might just be the day to throw it away! In this episode, we talk to Clinton Cowin from TradiePad about:

    • his transition from Tradie to Tech-adviser with TradiePad
    • how cloud technology allowed him to step away from his plumbing business but keep it running
    • whether you should be using iOS, Android or Windows Mobile devices in your tradie business
    • the top things you should be doing with technology, and
    • some simple apps and tools you can start using in your business today
  5. When will things get easier? A simple guide for tradies

    When will this end? Why can’t I catch a break? What did I do to deserve this?

    Ever had those questions in your head?

    Perhaps even said them out loud a time or two?

    Well, you’re not alone. It’s common to feel like you’ve killed the proverbial Chinaman sometimes in your trade business but fortunately there’s something simple you can do about it.  

    Change your mind. Yep.  Just change your mind.

    There’s no quick fix, secret sauce strategy to dealing with staff issues, customer complaints, supplier slow downs or any of the other challenges you face, and will continue to face in your business. There is one simple way though to stop stressing so much. Stop feeling so beaten down and worn out. Change your mind! Don’t believe us? Try it, but listen to this episode first so you learn how to do it properly!

  6. Changing course- Selina Scoble on dreams, intention and losing everything

    Imagine spending your whole life working towards a dream only to have it shattered on the eve of seeing it come to life?

    Well, Selina Scoble experienced just that at the 2000 Olympics. As an Australian Olympic Volleyball team member, Selina badly sprained her ankle the night before the opening ceremony and her Olympic campaign. Doctors told her she couldn’t play but with some incredible determination and a meeting with the late Peter Brock, she went on to play 4 of the 5 games!

    Fast forward 10 years and Selina had to face the loss of her home in the Brisbane floods. Listen in as she shares her secrets to dealing with these events and how that can help you in your trade business.

  7. Real Tradie Story: Jeremy from Alexander Watson Insulation

    Wow.  This episode is a cracker! If we’d scripted this it wouldn’t have gone nearly as well.

    Jeremy Watson from Alexander Watson Insulation has instantly become the Tradies Business Show poster boy.  

    He shares with us his story and insights on:  going into, and out of, business with family; the importance of financial reports and budgets; apps that save you time AND make you more money; plus, how he dropped $90,000 from his annual wages bill for just $4,000 a year investment!

    Check out Jeremy’s business at www.alexanderwatson.com.au

  8. Is Work Life Balance Possible or is it BS?

    Work life balance. We all want it. But what the hell is it, and can it even be achieved in this day and age?

    In this episode of the Tradies Business Show, Waz and Michaela dig deeper into this work life balance concept (and argue a bit!) to find out if this holy grail of business ownership exists. You might think the answers are simple but think again…and listen in to find out!

  9. 10 Simple Ways To Improve Your Customer Service In Under 10 Minutes

    Title says it all really.

  10. One Hundred Not Out PLUS The Blooper Reel!

    We made it. One hundred, not out.

    To be honest, we never even thought about getting this far with the Tradies Business Show. It’s been an amazing journey so far (yes, we’re continuing!) and we’re super excited about all the cool guests we’ve had on the show, the real tradies, the hot seat victims and the random rants and ramblings of Waz and Michaela along the way!

    Wazza has been saving up some bloopers since the early days and to celebrate our 100th episode, he’s put them together for your listening pleasure. We had a great laugh at these and we hope you do too… Oh, and thanks for listening! Without you, there wouldn’t be a show and it’s for you, our listeners, that we do what we do. Thanks for sharing your stories with us and be sure to spread the word. We plan to be here for at least another 100 episodes.

    Now, if only we can teach Michaela to use the microphone…