Video is the #1 tool I recommend for promoting your trade and construction business.     

Why you should consider video?



It’s free, cheap and can easily be done on the job site with a smart phone.   

What should you video?

There are heaps of ways you can use video to promote your business such as:

  1. Before and after footage
  2. Completed projects
  3. Virtual Tours of your showrooms/offices/sheds
  4. Team member introductions
  5. Show off your business and customer service awards – check out this awesome example from Beautiful Plumbing
  6. Video testimonials from happy customers
  7. Examples of  bad workmanship/problems that have been left too long
  8. ‘How to’ videos
  9. Maintenance videos to look after your project once you long gone from the jobsite
  10. Trends for your industry
  11. Make industry predications and forecasts
  12. Showcase supplier products
  13. Highlight community 
  14. Timelapse footgage of the job 
  15.  Stick a Go Pro on the labourers head and capture an average day in your team
  16.  Go ‘behind the scenes’

How to promote the video you have created

Plus the great thing with video is that there are many ways you can use that same piece of content in your marketing over and over again!  

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:  

  1. Upload directly to your Facebook Page (don’t link it from YouTube, make sure to upload it directly to Facebook to boost the views your video may receive)
  2. Post a status update to LinkedIn linking to your video
  1. Upload the video to your profile in LinkedIn
  1. Share on Google+ and make sure to use your keywords in your text.
  1. Add to it a relevant Facebook Group.
  1. Upload and share directly to Twitter.
  1. Share 15 seconds of the video on Instagram.
  1. Upload to YouTubeand make sure to include your keywords in the video file name, title and description.
  1. Create a blog post embedding the video on your website.
  1. Create an image that links to your video to share on Pinterest.
  1. Include the video an email out to your customers.  
  2. Use it as a training video for new team members on the level of workmanship and customer service expected.  
  1. Link to the videos in your email signature.  
  1. Whenever a client asks you a question, send them the answer from one of your videos. FAQs are a great source of video content and a good ways to make regular updates to your website.
  1. Place the video in your email newsletter to your customers
  1. Use them as a part of a free opt-in video series that you email to your customers
  1. Get the video transcribed and use it as a blog post on your website to help with SEO
  1. Share it in a LinkedIn group
  1. Use a social media scheduling tool like Hootsuite​ or Buffer​ to schedule your videos in the future, recycling relevant and evergreen content
  1. Place it on any portfolio or business directories you are part of.