The Power Of A Niche

I’m not talking about a wall niche here, yes, they are lovely but they don’t have any power! I’m talking about finding a niche for your business. Say what??!

You want me to narrow down my business to one niche??

Yep, I sure do, and when you do, I promise you will have opportunity for more work, yep really.

You see a niche holds so much power when it comes to advertising. Let’s not forget it also allows you to become an expert in that niche which can help promote profit by becoming highly productive.

Productivity = profit!

If we think about how we use google for a moment, we generally look pretty specifically for what we want, for example home builder Brisbane. However, in a broad search like this, our clients become overwhelmed by all the websites available, and then tend to refine. From here key words, or business niches become powerful, in my own example, we built our building company around Queenslander renovations. One of the most commonly searched terms was Queenslander renovations, so our niche became the actual keywords we used in our marketing. Before we knew it, we had become the expert in Queenslander renovations. Using our niche terms in all our marketing meant that our company came up any time those key words were used. As for the productivity angle, let’s imagine that you are a painter, and you have a niche of new home internal spray paints. If you are doing the same kind of job all the time, you become very proficient in how the job is done. Proficiency creates productivity which equals profit.

So How Do You Find A Niche?

Well you start with something you are good at, and most importantly you enjoy. Have a think about the last 5 jobs you did, is there a common theme of what you enjoy and do well? There is a niche! Perhaps you are an electrician that enjoys working on renovations, there is your niche, or a plumber  that only likes multistorey commercial work, there’s a niche! It doesn’t matter what your trade is, there is a niche that will work for you. There is a great power in creating a niche market for you and your business.

Will you consider it for your business?