best business tip

I was a late adopter of the tip I’m going to give you, but let me assure you, it is a game changer! It is never too late to learn and implement this tip. Whether you are looking to up your business game, grow your business or get off the tools, this is the best business tip I ever received.

Let me set the scene, I was running not 1, but 2 businesses, I had a busy family life and was renovating a home, I was simply drowning under the pressure of all the work I needed to do and not getting anything done! Well until this tip was given to me.

What is it already!!!

Time blocking, the practice of blocking time in your weekly diary to do the things that need to be done. For me, it was blog writing, directors’ meetings and working through my “homework”. I started by blocking out an hour for each task once a week. The trick then is, to hold yourself accountable for that time, and use it for what it is blocked out for!

How often as business owners do we get distracted by something other than the job at hand?

All the time! But if we are disciplined and use the time we have blocked for the job we have allocated, suddenly tasks are being completed, rather than left on the to-do list.

Sounds so simple, but are you practicing this in your business?

At Tradies in Business we are often giving you new things to think about or do within your business, how about blocking out an hour this week to implement one of the lessons you have learned? Do you think that has the power to change your business?

It is a new way for us to think, especially tradies who are used to running in problem-solving mode, but this simple practice has the power to transform your business. Go on try it, and drop us a comment or stop by the private group to let us know how it worked for you!

Want more?

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