If you’re a tradie and you’re in business you’ve no doubt spent countless hours and dollars chasing more clients, more revenue and more profit.

You’ve probably also heard the sayings about ‘the diamonds in your own backyard’? Well, there’s an often overlooked strategy to grow your revenue that is exactly that.

Rebooting past clients.

If you’ve been in business for more than a few months you’ll have clients who used you once, then you never heard from them again and… let’s be honest, you never bothered to talk to them again either.

Shame on you!

Seriously, you took their money, possibly said thank you and then ignored them? Sounds a bit like a one night stand (of sorts…apart from the money changing hands!)

Anyway, what if you went back to all your past clients and asked them if they’d like to come back and use you again? What if some of those people said ‘yes’?  They already know you, are familiar with your great service and quality, so ‘selling’ to them is heaps easier than to a new customer who’s never dealt with you before. Cheaper too!

In this episode, we give you some simple strategies for reactivating your past clients, saving yourself a bucket of cash on marketing strategies and giving your top (and bottom) lines a quick boost.