When’s the last time you caught a taxi?

Most of us have experienced the long queues, crap service or worse still, no-shows from taxi cab companies that seem to treat us like cattle rather than customers.

I little while ago, a new player entered the ‘on demand’ transport service. They don’t own a single vehicle, have no staff, pay no licensing and are giving the taxi industry a real shake up.

If you’ve not heard of them, you might want to try them next time you need a ride… Uber are really setting a new standard for how to get around.  Rather than simply look at this business from the outside, Waz and Michaela decided the best way to learn about their incredible model was to sign up and become an Uber driver!

In this episode, Michaela shares her lessons from being am Uber driver and how you can apply them to your tradie business to literally create your own market within a market, no matter how long your competitors have been in control.