It can be terrible to be stuck in an abusive relationship. Even mental, emotional abuse can be debilitating and paralysing. But what if there’s only one person in that relationship and the abuser and the victim are both yourself?

It’s a sad reality that many of us are in the habit of ‘kicking our own a*#e’ when we mess up. From something as simple as dropping our keys or breaking a glass to more significant events like losing money or making a poor choice about an employee or a customer. It’s an all to common practice to beat ourselves up, berating ourselves for our ‘failure’ or poor performance.

So what?

Well, if you spoke to a spouse, partner, employee or friend the way you speak to yourself, would they tolerate it? Would you expect them to?

Listen in as Waz and Michaela talk you through recognising the signs and some tips on how to break the cycle… and start being kinder to yourself and the others around you.