It’s out. Warrick has been having an affair on Michaela.

Better yet, we get Wazza’s new podcasting flame on the Tradies Business Show to spill the beans!

Seriously though, Wazza and Jay are launching a new podcast called Throw Buddha On The Barbie. Putting it simply, these two clowns have an Australian, blokey chat about all sorts of issues, from spirituality to personal responsibility, the meaning of life to dealing with fear in the workplace. Anything is open slather and they have some interesting guests on the show to break up their ramblings.

In our interview with Jay, we also get his insights into working with teams (which are really a collection of individuals with individual needs), how to be a better leader and a bit of ‘woo woo’ you can apply in your tradie business!

To find out more and join the conversation, go to Throw Buddha On The Barbie’s Facebook page or find the podcast on iTunes and subscribe.