Do you have a ‘bucket list’? A list of things to do before you die?

If you do, perhaps some of them seem a bit far fetched, or don’t actually motivate or inspire you to do anything differently on a day to day basis?

Well, Michaela recently turned…. and age close to 40 is all we’ll say, and it sparked her to undertake an exercise of making a list of ’40 things to do before she’s 40′. A lot of it inspired by the silly questions we ask each other at the top of the show.

These are things that will need to be ticked off in the next….ummmm, while. Let’s just say it’s less than 5 years but more than 6 months…

Anyway, it’s been a very interesting exercise and in this episode Warrick and Michaela discuss some of the things on their lists, why it’s a good idea to have one and even share their lists below!

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40 things to do before I am 40

1. Learn to use chopsticks
2. Climb a mountain
3. Learn a second joke
4. Master the art of self acceptance
5. Learn tai chi
6. Sing karaoke
7. Sky dive
8. Go on a road trip with friends
9. Get kicked out of a pub
10. Go to the MCG
11. Go on an spontaneous holiday with less than 12 hours notice
12. Go camping more
13. Learn to drive the 4wd on sand
14. Cook a five course dinner
15. Get a tattoo
16. Run a race
17. Ski
18. Learn to knit
19.  Have a snowfight
20. Take a surfing lesson
21. Visit Europe
22. Go whale watching
23. Finish all the books in my book self
24. Visit Fraser Island
25. Climb a bridge
26. Go to Tropical Think Tank 16
37. Attend or host a murder mystery dinner
28. Get on TV
29. Do something I wouldn’t tell my mother about
30. Stay up all night
31. Sit in a park under a tree and just read all day
32. Get healthy
33. Buy a dress that is over $1000
34. Get a facial
35. Be in a movie
36. Write a piece of poetry
37. Speak at an overseas conference
38. Fly business class
39.Get a official family photo of all the kids and grandkids
40. Be the best version of myself everyday

Warrick’s List (also abridged version)
…Coming Soon!!!