When was the last time you held a weekly team meeting?

You know, with your entire team?

If it was more than a week ago then you’re missing out on some very powerful leverage from your staff. After all, they’re the ones who have the potential to really drive your business improvement and growth.  If you want to get the most from your people, you need to lead them, develop them, inspire them and guide them. One very effective way to make all this easier is to create a strong culture in your business and some solid communication skills.

And perhaps the best way to do that is to hold regular team meetings that feature some key elements:

  1. A ‘sharing session’ or speaking circle to kick every weekly meeting off
  2. A wrap up of the positives from the past week including an award for the best performing person on the team or something motivating
  3. Some action plan to implement suggestions raised via the suggestion box
  4. Discussion of sales and gross profit progress for the month
  5. Set the focus for the week
  6. Any critical issues team members want to raise and have addressed or solved
  7. Positive quote or funny story to close

In this episode, we share a recording Wazza made of a team meeting from one of his Tradies Business Wingman clients. Listen in as Warrick takes you through some of the above elements in real time and hear why he’s so excited about this one in particular!