Bunnings. They’re the hardware store we hate to love.  They represent perhaps everything a tradie strives not to be – impersonal, cheap, unhelpful and huge!

While we might loath these giant businesses and the effect they’re having on local retail hardware stores and other businesses like them, you can’t ignore the fact they do some stuff pretty well… like content marketing.


Yep, that’s right. Bunnings are great content and digital marketers and have been using video in particular for quite some time to boost their SEO (search engine optimisation), website traffic and customers sales.

Problem is, Bunnings became the subject of some social media haters recently (nothing new, right?) and rather than plain old consumers giving the hardware giant a spray, this time it was our own! Plumbers lined up to cast their stones at Bunnings for producing what many thought (and said in no uncertain terms!) was a clear campaign to take business away from licensed plumbers.

Waz and Michaela take a deeper look at this issue and share some tips with you on how to beat companies like Bunnings at their own game…fairly and squarely (and without the rude words).

Oh, and we have a crack at Periscope for the first time…no idea what that is? Listen in or click here…