It’s a valid question, especially in these times of smart phones and cheaper call rates to mobiles. But what of the humble fixed (land) line? Does it still have a part to play in a business’ communications offering to customers and suppliers?  Well, this question was posed inside a large community of business owners on social media recently and the responses were… well… let’s say they were passionate! There seemed to be quite a bit of emotion around this debate (seriously? They’re just phone numbers!) and we thought we’d examine this question a little further on the Show.

Michaela and Waz pretty much agree that regardless of what you think is the right answer to that question, what’s important is what your customers want! After all, they’re the ones putting pennies in your pocket, right?

With today’s technology and low-cost phone offerings, there’s really no reason not to have both and for the sake of saving $15 a month or so, why ditch the landline when some customers might just ditch you if you don’t have it?