Have you ever been for a run and thought, “I should really do this more often…like every day”?

Well, apart from being a successful entrepreneur, Adam Leishman has been running for 400-odd days straight PLUS lost over 40 kilograms in that time. He’s also got more than 30, 1300-numbers to help track his marketing and roughly 20 ABN’s, all keeping his different business interests in order.

Adam talks to us about the importance, not just of his numbers but, of numbers in your business and why keeping track of them can mean the difference between success and failure. His latest venture, The Commercial Guys, is one such business, which has achieved stellar results in its short trading history.

One of Adam’s key points is that you need to get clear on what your role is within your business (or businesses!) and for him, it’s to “make the phone ring”.

Listen in as Adam shares these tips and more when we talk marketing, sales and what it takes to go more than 400 days straight without missing a run…