What do you do when you want to start a franchise but don’t like mowing lawns? You start Hire A Hubby of course. Brendan Green knew he wanted to build a franchise that serviced homeowners around Australia (and overseas) but didn’t think mowing lawns was the way to go. So after some research and observing a gap in the market for general, odd-job type services for Aussie homeowners, Brendan founded Hire A Hubby almost 18 years ago.

Today, Hire A Hubby is one of Australia’s top franchises and has hundreds of ‘hubbies’ around the country, as well as New Zealand and soon the UK as well.

Brendan has learned a thing or two about business, trades and customer service over the years and he shares his lessons and tips for success in today’s episode.

So whether you want to grow an international franchise or simply be the best in your backyard, check out Brendan’s insights on:

  • using technology
  • the simple things that (almost) guarantee success
  • the importance of balance and taking time out
  • almost losing everything and how to turn a negative into a positive