Do you remember how lonely it was when you first started your business? Maybe you still feel that way! Well, if you didn’t already know, there are 70,000+ other solo and micro-preneurs in Australia that form an online community called Flying Solo.

In this episode of the Tradies Business Show, we chat with the editor of Flying Solo, Kelly Exeter.

Kelly started her writing career by completing a sports science degree! Not only that, but she then started her own graphic design business in conjunction with her husband, Ant (who she credits in the opening of her book, ‘Your Best Year Yet‘, and apologises to for being a “massive pain in the arse”)

Kelly has a blog at A Life Less Frantic and shares her insights and tips on:

  • working with your spouse
  • surviving today’s fast-paced lifestyle
  • overcoming fear and self-doubt when starting something new or growing a business and
  • recovering from the loss of 5 years of blog articles!