Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of the ‘Paleo Diet’ or…you’re actually a caveman.

No, we’re not giving dietary advice but… with all the interest (and media attention) around this particular lifestyle we thought it would be worth chatting to someone who knows a thing or two about it – Jai Hobbs, the founder of the Paleo Cafe franchise in Australia.

Apart from talking about sugar, dairy, grains and healthy eating, Jai has also built a pretty amazing business! If you’re at all interested in growing your business (whether or not you intend to follow a Paleo lifestyle!) then Jai has some great tips about the power of a brand, getting clear on your why and what to do if you find yourself growing ‘too fast’.

Learn how to franchise your business the right way in today’s episode.

Oh, and he’s got a copy of his recipe book to give away to a luck Tradies Business Toolkit member as well as sharing his 10 tips for going Paleo. Click Here to join for just $1 and get access to the book giveaway as well as the awesome bonus info.