“He bowled a flipper which the 12th man smashed over cover before it was fielded by silly point who ran out the non-striker before the delivery was declared a no ball!”

Unless the person you’re talking to knows the language of cricket, that sentence probably made no sense at all! When trying to explain a game and even more importantly to play that same game, a working knowledge of that game’s language is very important.

The same applies for the game of business. If you’re a business owner and you’d like to improve your score in the game then you better know the language of business.

That language is accounting.

No we’re not suggesting you should be able to prepare your own tax return or financials (handy skill though!) but you should be able to read those financials and understand what the numbers mean and most importantly, how to improve them.

Having a good accountant on your team is like having a great sports analyst on your side. They can prepare and interpret the stats for you, so you can get on with improving your technique and scoring some more runs! (sorry, this analogy is going on a bit).

In today’s episode, we chat to an accountant who’s doing things a bit differently and getting great results with his clients.  We’ll admit, one of the things that convinced us to speak with Ben Walker from InspireCA was the cafe and bar (yep, there’s beer on tap) inside his office. We’re not talking a little bar in the back of his boardroom either, we’re talking a full cafe and bar with several beers on tap!

Needless to say, accounting has never been this interesting!