Apparently, people still read books. Who would have thought?

Jokes aside, there are some great books that you could read to help you in your mission to build a great tradie business and we thought we’d save you some time by starting our own book club.

Warrick and Michaela will review a new book every so often, giving you an insight into what the book is about, and why you should read it!

This book club is about Peaks and Valleys by Spencer Johnson.  This is the same guy that wrote Who Moved My Cheese and if you haven’t read that it’s worth the time…only a short book but a great one about change and how to deal with it.

Peaks and Valleys is about dealing with life’s ups and downs…literally!

If you’d like to get your own copy, check it out here on fishpond, Australia’s answer to Amazon.

We’re not affiliates and get nothing if you buy it, apart from a warm and fuzzy feeling when you share your learnings with us!