If you’ve got a business then (hopefully at least!) you’ve got a website.

But is it a good one? Is it converting visitors into customers and if it isn’t, do you know why?

In today’s episode we talk to Jon Hollenberg of Five by Five – they build great looking, high performing websites and Jon knows a thing or two about what makes a killer site…and what kills a site! He should, he’s created sites for Qantas, Jeep, Currumbin Sanctuary, Ultratune and more.

Jon covers off on the critical elements such as:

  • what platform you should be using
  • the role of video in your site
  • how to stand out from your competitors
  • simple design tips to get people calling you after they visit and more

We also discuss the upcoming Google changes on the 21st April that have the potential to really hurt your search traffic if you don’t do something about the mobile responsiveness of your site so tune in!!

[To check your own site, simply go to https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/]