Ever found yourself having a conversation with someone, only to realise they haven’t heard a single word you’ve said?  Worse still, you see that they’ve been secretly looking sideways out of their sunglasses either at their phone, the cars going past or the hot girl/guy walking past?!

Well, you’re not alone. While technology has certainly improved our lives in numerous ways, one undesirable side effect is our decreasing attention spans…

Sorry, just checking Facebook while I wrote this (Dad-joke?!)

The short of all this is, well, that our attention spans are too short and we’re not paying attention enough. It’s leading to problems with:

  • Our kids’ education
  • Employee results and satisfaction
  • Our relationship with our spouse/partner
  • Quality of production on site and in the workplace
  • Stress and anxiety levels and so on and so on.

We chat with Martina Sheehan from Mind Gardener and co-author of the book ‘One Moment Please‘ about the problem of short attention spans and lack of focus, how this is affecting our business and personal life and of course, what we can do to start to change this.