Social media…it’s a part of business these days. Mostly, it’s a great way to promote your business, connect with and engage your customers, share stories and generally to create a community around your tradie business.

But what happens when someone who’s not happy with you or your product or service, takes to social media to give you that dreaded negative feedback in a very public setting?

We talk about some of the do’s and don’ts of social media, especially how to handle complaints and avoid becoming the next #fail[insert your name]! Here’s some ideas:

  • Don’t delete the post…listen to the show to find out why!
  • Don’t argue with the person…not a good look to have a public brawl
  • Do respond quickly
  • Do be polite

And a few more valuable tips to turn a potential social media disaster into something even positive for your business and your relationship with ALL your customers. We even give you a specific example of a major chain retailer that did it very, very well and ended up turning a potential negative into a big plus!

Links and resources mentioned in the show:

Check out the Woolworths Facebook posts here

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Tradies VA – specialised virtual receptionist, admin and marketing support Phone 1300 164 072

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