It’s the bane of tradies the world over – the dreaded customer phone call. They always seem to ring when you’re up to your elbows in… well, whatever it is you’re normally up to.  You have to drop everything, answer the phone and then it’s either a tyre kicker, telemarketer or worse still, a supplier chasing payment.

Why won’t everyone just let you do your job?

Well, the problem is, these calls also make you money and it’s a challenge to work out the best way to answer the phone, who should answer it and how to deal with the enquiries when you get them.

In this episode, Warrick and Michaela go ‘undercover’ and call 10 tradies at random to see how they measure up against the 3 key phone answering standards:

  1. Answer by the 3rd ring
  2. Say ‘hello’ with a friendly voice AND state the name of the business called
  3. Tell the caller their name, something like “…this is Bob”

Listen in to see how our tradies faired and whether Warrick and Michaela’s predictions are accurate.

So how do you answer the phone?

[Note: Time on the phone was kept to an absolute minimum and the tradies were simply told we had the wrong number to let them get back to whatever they were doing quickly]


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