Tired of working your butt off and getting paid the least in your business? Maybe you feel like you’re working for free on some jobs?!

Well, the simplest way to improve this equation and put a little more profit into your account each month is to raise your rates. Aaaaaarrrggh! We hear you scream. You’ll stop winning work and there’ll be nothing for you to do!

That’s certainly the fear held by many tradies in business (not you of course, right?).

Well, the reality is somewhat different (the fear part anyway) and often raising rates can help take a tradie from barely making wage to actually making a decent living… without working any harder and often, without having to deal with the ‘D’ class customers!

Listen in as Warrick and Michaela talk about how to raise your rates AND do it in a way that means you won’t lose all your customers.

Links and resources mentioned in the show:

Tradies Business Toolkit – Your Guide to a True Tradie Business Phone 1300 227 606

Tradies VA – specialised virtual receptionist, admin and marketing support Phone 1300 164 072

MYOB PayDirect

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