What’s your biggest asset?

Your house? Your car? Your tools?

Perhaps you said your health and you’d be pretty close. The reality is, your biggest asset as a trade business owner is your ability to generate cashflow or earn an income. Without your income, how would you:

  • Pay your mortgage if you have one?
  • Put food on the table?
  • Pay for kids’ schooling?
  • Buy clothes, take holidays or just generally enjoy life?

Worse still, even if you can’t work due to illness or injury, your employees still need to be paid, your registration, licenses, creditors and the list goes on.

We talk with Adrian Read from Stream Financial about perhaps one of the driest topics on the planet in today’s episode – life insurance.

There’s even some tips on how you could:

  • save money on your current cover
  • get paid a wage even if you’re injured while not at work
  • receive a lump sum payout if you are diagnosed with certain illnesses, even if you survive

So stick with it. You’ll find some valuable information not just on life insurance but how to save money on all your insurances.

Links and resources mentioned in the show:

Stream Financial – Insurance Advisors

Tradies Business Toolkit – Your Guide to a True Tradie Business

Tradies VA – specialised virtual receptionist, admin and marketing support

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