Yep, we’re talking sales! Mention used cars, real estate or mobile phone plans and the first thing that comes to mind are pushy, selfish salespeople, right? Problem is, as business owners we’re all in sales regardless of the role or industry we’re in. So how do you attract and convert more customers, without being pushy or salesy and falling into those negative steroptypes? We share some strategies in this episode to help with just that:

  • how and why to talk about problems
  • knowing when to talk and when to shut up
  • some of the key things that ‘turn off’ prospective customers
  • the importance of having a sales process
  • scripts – creating robots or helping humans?


Links and resources mentioned in the show:


Tradies Business Toolkit – Your Guide to a True Tradie Business

Tradies VA – specialised virtual receptionist, admin and marketing support

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