Take an honest look at your life today. The way you act, the way you eat, the way you conduct business, the way you exercise. Do you feel successful? Do you feel like you are constantly energised and filled with positivity? Or do you feel like you are treading water, doing just enough to get by and by no means reaching your full potential?

Many of my clients are doing well, they are making ends meet and comfortable, but I want to inspire them (and you!) to dream bigger, expect more and take on each day as an opportunity. Each day is a chance to create new positive habits that will leave you feeling more confident, happy, energised and effective than ever before. Your habits make up who you are and your happiness.

If you want to gear yourself and your business toward success you first need to take a look at your habits.

Let’s start by looking at your health. It’s something I’m personally passionate about having seeing both my parents struggle with health issues. By altering a few small habits you can start to feel an overall positive change throughout most facets off your life.

Swap your comfort eating or fast-food habits for raw, nutrient-rich wholesome meals that leave you feeling fresh and alert. Instead of coming home and griping about work, complaining that there is nothing to watch on TV or losing yourself in your Facebook feed, throw on your joggers and get out into the fresh air.

What might be uncomfortable now will become comfortable later, you just need to take that first step out of your comfort zone and then continue that small effort each day until it becomes habit.

Habits are the driving force behind complacency or success. Waking up early, going for a walk or a run and seeing the positive in every situation can become your habits; so can staying up late drinking, waking up sluggish and complaining.

You can spend more than you earn on consumerism and spend little on your business development or you can put away a percent of your takings each week toward a long term investment and constantly strive to educate yourself toward expanding your business. It might be comfortable now to merely sit on the lounge but that action isn’t bringing vibrancy and success into your life. If anything it will suck you of even more energy and create a downward spiral that’s hard to arrest.

The simple act of going for a walk each day, getting some fresh air, perspective and releasing endorphins will make you feel energised and geared toward success in all areas of your life.

The funny thing about success is that it breeds success. If you immerse yourself in a positive environment then that is what you will strive for and expect. Success is one of those things that spreads like wildfire in your life, improve your health and relationships and soon you will find you’re succeeding in personal development, managing your business and finances.

Having a passion and goal to strive toward will reenergise your decision-making and once you start taking tiny steps in the right direction it will become easier, habitual and give you limitless self-confidence.

Steer your habits toward success today by writing down 5 things that are important to you, and 5 simple habits you can implement each day to maintain success in each area. Stick it to your bathroom mirror and read it morning and night. Here’s an example:

#1 Fitness – Exercise for 30 minutes, 3 days per week. Aim: break a sweat

#2 Finance – starting TODAY put away a small % for a long term investment or opportunity. 1% is better than zero

#3 Relationships – consciously stop spending so much time with negative friends or family or friends with poor habits, surround myself with positive, happy people and other successful business owners

#4 Business – Arrive 30minutes early and use that time to clear my head and focus on goal setting or writing out a ‘to achieve’ list before the day begins

#5 Health and wellness – swap take away for raw wholesome foods by planning ahead and having nutritious foods at hand

By changing your habits and steering yourself toward success you will achieve exactly that. While it’s simple it’s not always easy and I understand that sometimes life just seems to get in the way. Stop using that as your excuse and start making some small changes. Soon you will be immersed in positivity and opportunities will come knocking at your door.

Success isn’t an accident it’s a habit.