As tradies, we tend to think we can do everything ourselves, but this can be hurting your business. Time and time again, we see sales go missing due to tradies being unfamiliar with how to sell.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses, if selling is a weakness for you, perhaps it is time to look at having a dedicated sales team member.

While having a strong marketing plan is a must in every business, it is equally important to have a dedicated sales person. .


What is the Sales Person?

If the sales person isn’t the tradie, they can be any other member of the team that is comfortable with selling. In Nic’s business she was the sales person, her Builder husband was the face of the business, but she did the work with the customers to ensure the sale.

You might have a team member who has experience with selling, or perhaps you need to employ someone to help you.

If you’d like to be the sales person for your business, but you’re not experienced yet, look into gaining some sales training, or some help to implement a sales process.


What does a Sales Team do?

Lead Conversion

Salespeople are proactive in generating sales. They have the skills and knowledge to form a relationship with your potential client, and move them through the sales process. A dedicated sales person helps the clients make some well-versed decisions, such as choosing your business over its competitors.

Business growth

The sales person plays a vital role in establishing long term relationships with clients. Trust and loyalty are the main reasons why a customer would choose your business, recommend it to a friend or family member or write an exceptional review of your product or service online.

Customer Retention

Selling is a special interaction between one human and another, which is compelling. Never underestimate the personal connection between two people, and the possible impact this can have on your business reputation.

Sales and profits are too critical to leave to luck. So, every business needs a frontline person to make sure the company succeeds. Business owners need to make sales a priority by building a strong sales process that will boost the business.

Need help establishing your sales process? Watch our Webinar Replay on How To Say NO To Crappy Jobs as we introduce to you a simple sales process to help you say no to jobs that aren’t worth your time or resources.