warm potential clients

In this age of email, you should have an email address for each of your previous customers. Hopefully, you have them all sitting nicely inside a polished CRM (Customer Relationship Mangement tool) or if you’re like most of the tradies we know, they’ll be knocking around on a sheet of paper somewhere, or in your inbox on your computer. Either way, this list is your little piece of work finding gold!

This is your list, of pre-primed warm potential clients. New clients can be difficult to procure, but clients that have worked with you before, generally know, like and trust you already, which are the essential ingredients for sales.

Think about it, to gain a customer for the first time, you need to sell to them, but you can’t sell straight up, you have to take time to build a relationship. You’ll need to give them a bit of your knowledge here, and a bit more there, allow them to get to know you and trust you. It’s not a quick process in terms of marketing, but of course an essential one. BUT it should be run alongside a program of marketing to your previous customers.

Now when I first started talking to my builder husband about this idea, he was like…..um no, I build houses there is no room for repeat business. WRONG!! It doesn’t matter what you do, there is always room for repeat customers. That house you built last year might need a deck, the house you built 10 years ago, might need an extension, or a kitchen, likewise if you’re an electrician, that customer you changed a few switches for last year, might need a new hot water system.

Regardless of your trade business type, you have the potential for repeat customers!

So how do you find these repeat customers, with email marketing!!

So what is email marketing and how do you use it?

Email marketing is exactly what it says, marketing to your existing email list. Now you can certainly create an opt-in for your website to encourage new email sign-ups, but today we are talking specifically about those past customers email addresses you have on file.

Direct selling really doesn’t work anymore except for some sectors of retail, instead, you’ll need to be a little more creative. The objective here is to stay top of mind for your past customers. Try things like sending out a monthly update on what you are working on, you can include a special offer at the end, like a returning customer discount, or a referral program reward. Alternatively, send a monthly newsletter outlining new and exciting developments in the industry that you’re in.

You could mix these up, with some personal work stories, or announcements of your new staff, maybe you got a new website, work vehicle or site dog, whatever it is, include it in your updates.

Then from time to time, send a special offer only. Like all marketing, your clients need to see the value in what you are sending through before you make an offer. Once you’ve earned their trust in this new format, hit them with an offer every other month.

These “warm” clients are more likely to repurchase from you than they are to go anywhere else. It’s a no-brainer way to generate more business, therefore more income and creates better cash flow.

So should you be marketing to your email list…….heck yes!!