minded business owners

As business coaches we are asked so many questions on a repeating basis, mostly because our industry has left many of you wondering exactly how we do what we do. 

I promise, it isn’t magic, it does take work, planning and revising and the same results we see our clients get, could be yours. 

Let’s take a look at our most frequently asked questions about business coaching. 

1. What does a business coach do?

Great question, mostly we drink coffee! Ok, so that’s not what we do to help you, and it is something that most business coaches seem to have in common. 

The role of a coach in your trade business is really similar to a sports coach. It’s our job to analyze the game (your business), help you create an action plan to get you the results you want, to train you (no burpees here!) to support you, help you find the quickest way to success, and to monitor and critique your progress. 

This is done either as part of a program where many like minded business owners come together, or individually. The best programs offer some of both. 


2. How do I know I need help? 

Really simply, if you are not getting the results you want and you cannot find the solutions yourself, you need help. For some businesses this is right at the start of their journey, for others it’s after 10 years in business, there is no wrong time to find help. 

If you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night because of concern around your business, it’s time for help. If you are stressed, tired, not getting the free time you thought you would, you need help. 

For others it is around financial performance, they might have a great business, but want to hit a new revenue target, a growth target or a time target. There are many times help is needed, and good business coaches will have varying levels of their programs that help all levels of clients. 


3. How do I choose the right coach for me?

Just like every other area of life, you need to find a coach who’s personality fits yours. This is someone you are going to open up to, share your business numbers, your dreams, goals and desires with, you need to feel comfortable talking to them. 

Through your early conversations you’ll want to begin to feel supported by them, that they really hear what you are saying, this is how they help YOU get the results YOU want. 

Most of all, your coach should never make you feel like they are judging you. If you feel comfortable, chances are you’re making the right decision.


4. What do I expect from my trade business coach? 

Business coaches are there to guide and support you. They should provide you opportunity to share, assist you with what you need and have a resource bank to draw from to shortcut the process for you. 

Your trade business coach will help you design a tailored success roadmap addressing your challenges and outlining goals for you and your business. You should expect honesty, the occasional firm word to steer you in the right direction; after all, who else is going to hold you accountable?


5. How do you measure success with my coach?

Every business will have benchmarks for success and these should be set with you and your coach. Before getting started, you should expect a session together to find these goals and then agree on the measurement and time frame around them. 

There should then be opportunity to review those measures and ensure you have met what was agreed on. 

In summary, working with a business coach is about you, and assisting you to find your version of success, while the process at times will make you uncomfortable (as you learn, develop and grow) it should also be a collaborative and supportive process.


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