used business tools

I am slowly learning to use my phone to its full capacity, it might be a Nokia from 1998, but I’m learning slowly. JOKES!

My mobile phone has become one of my most used business tools, as it is so handy to use and I’ve always got it with me. Part of using it for my business has been learning about the apps that can best help my trade business.

While it’s been some trial and error, I’ve got a few favourites I’d love to share!

Online Tools For Trade Business

Easy Payslip

App-based software for generating pay slips. Fully STP compliant, super easy to use and very inexpensive. Find it here. PS Trade Desk members receive a bonus from Easy Payslip.


An online transcription service, perfect for tradies who are better at verbal communication than written. Just talk and let someone else put it into words! Find it here.


A great app for use with delegating and keeping track of jobs within a team. Waz and I use this one to keep us on task. Find it here.


Another to-do type app that helps you plan and schedule your businesses responsibilities. Find it here.


This one is a mileage tracker, a logbook online. Easy to use even “tradie proof” with fantastic reporting available. Find it here.

Google apps, Gmail, calendar

We get asked all the time about what online calendars to use and we always recommend Google Calendar, so much so we use it ourselves! Likewise Gmail, which is a simple system to set up within your business. Simply Google, Google Calendar or Gmail.

Receipt Bank

This is a game changer for the tradie wives who are sick and tired of the tradie dumping the pile of receipts on the desk right at BAS time. Simply take a photo and allow the technology to read your data and upload ready for export to your accounting software. Find it here.


A simpler version of the above. CamScanner will turn your phone into a scanner and allow you to scan all your receipts and send your doc to where you need it. Find it here.


Voxer is an app that works a bit like a walkie talkie. You can send voice messages, text and photos. Great tool for that end of day debrief. Find it here.


Really similar to the above app, this is a communication tool that is simple and secure. Find it here.


The networking tool that lives in your pocket! This great app allows you to advertise your available work, or find new subbies. Find it here.


A one-stop shop of tools for your business, from quoting to job management this app will have your business organised in no time. Find it here.


For taking payments on the go! Get paid on time every time by offering an immediate payment option without the heavy bank fees. Find it here.

There you have it, our top 13 online tools for trade business that we recommend to our 1-on-1 “Tradie-preneur” clients. Tradies tested!!

Let us know if you’ve stumbled on something different that has made a positive impact on your business.