1. Before and after footage
  2. Completed projects
  3. Virtual Tours of your showrooms/offices/sheds
  4. Team member introductions
  5. Showoff your business and customer service awards – check out this awesome example from Beautiful Plumbing
  6. Video testimonials from happy customers
  7. Examples of  bad workmanship/problems that have been left too long
  8. How to videos
  9. Maintenance videos to look after your project once you long gone from the jobsite
  10. Trends for your industry
  11. Make industry predications and forecasts
  12. Showcase supplier products
  13. Highlight community 
  14. Timelapse footgage of the job 
  15.  Stick a Go Pro on the labourers head and capture an average day in your team
  16.  Go ‘behind the scenes’