selling our business

As tradies, many of us struggle to feel comfortable with the concept of selling our business of service to others. Don’t worry that is completely normal!!

How about if I rode in on my white horse, like a knight in shining Armor, and told you there are actually lots of ways to be selling your business without actually speaking to anyone directly!

Now I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that at some point in your business you’re going to have to talk to your customer, and to “sell” your business or service, but there are steps you can take, so that you are selling before you even have your first contact with them!

Here are some ways to sell your business without actually selling.

1. Branded Uniforms – Use uniforms that contain your business logo and information. It tells people what you do and how to contact you. Just wear it!

2. UTE Signage – This didn’t go out of style either. Wrap it and show it wherever you go!

3. Website/Facebook Page – Show off what you do and how you do it. People will come asking! Ensure you address the problem you solve and have a cracking “About Us” page.

4. Cause Marketing – Help organizations or communities you believe in. They’ll post your business name under sponsors and voila! Instant business promotion.

5. Loyalty programs – What makes your long term customers stay? Discounts! Develop a loyalty program for repeat and long term customers.

6. Referral programs – Satisfied customers will recommend your products or services to anyone they know that might be needing it. Don’t let your generous clients who are sending people your way leave empty-handed. Freebies or discounts are a great way to show your appreciation.

7. It is pretty common nowadays to see CTA (Call-To-Action)
on every email we received or the websites we visit. Business owners are putting a lot of effort into their CTAs to convert visitors to customers. This is a quick and easy way to get them to call, or to download your latest “how to” guide. Get your clients used to making a transaction with you before you’ve even spoken.

At the end of the day, you’re running a business and part of it is selling. Though, selling should be part of your marketing strategy, which is as much about selling as it is about brand awareness and trust.