create several ideabooks

First up you’ll need to understand if you should be making time to use Houzz as a marketing tool at all. Houzz is a visual media, so it makes sense that if you are a finishing trade, for example, builder, painter, tiler etc, then Houzz is a must. If you are a plumber, plasterer or electrician, it might not be beneficial for you to spend the time developing a profile.

Like all media, Houzz thrives on interaction, and while you interact differently on Houzz than you do on other platforms, the more images you put up, the more likely you’ll be seen.

To begin using Houzz you’ll need to set yourself up as a professional. To do so you’ll need photos of your work, a bio and your contact details.

Once your profile is set, take the time to create several ideabooks, as these are a great way to display your style using photos of your own, or found within Houzz.

Together with your own project profiles and ideabooks, you can build yourself a strong profile, that will draw attention to what you do. Back this up with a bio that speaks exactly to your ideal clients.

Once this is done, send out links to all your past clients and ask for them to leave you a review, likewise get some other trades onboard to leave a review about what it is like to work with you.

Finally, find the advice tab, and share your knowledge to as many people as you have time to share with. Answer questions, and pose your own, interact as frequently as you can. This interaction can lead to Houzz awards for you to display on your social media and websites. It also creates many ways for your prospective clients to find you.

I’m constantly surprised how often we receive contact through Houzz, I hope with these few tips you could be too.