Taking a holiday is front of mind this time of year. With all the stress of the silly season, it is the thought of a holiday that keeps us ploughing on. When we take a holiday though, we often don’t
really relax, the phone is still on, the emails keep coming. If you could take a real holiday, free from phones, email and business worries, would you take it? When starting a business, no one tells us how to take a break. We are not given the knowhow to separate ourselves from our business to relax and recharge. Tradies especially struggle with this, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Get a Supervisor

If your business is going to be running while you are on holiday, either employ a supervisor, or train an existing team member to manage the job/s while you are away. Every business need’s someone
other than you who is able to step up and do what is necessary to keep the wheels in motion. This is not only essential for you to take a holiday and recharge your batteries, but how about if you fall ill?

It is a myth that as business owners we have to do it all ourselves.

We don’t, we can and should have people in place to assist with the running of the business, people that you have trained and trust to
hand over the reins to from time to time.

Get Phone Support

If you are a small business or a sole trader and you essentially work on your own, get some help in answering the phones. There are VA’s or virtual assists that can help your business working while
you are away, but answering the phones and scheduling jobs or quotes for when you return. This allows your business to continue working without you, and without bothering you on holiday.
You can have the confidence to relax knowing you are not missing work.

Set Up An Out Of Office Automated Email

It is an easy thing to do, that allows those who email you to understand that you are away and that you will be back on xx date. Here’s a tip, allowing this to continue for an extra day or two after you
come back to work to ensure that you have time up your sleeve to get through all the emails without too much pressure.

Schedule Your Social Media

Scheduling your social media is simpler now than ever before. Schedule posts for the time you are way to ensure that while you are taking a break, your business continues to work for you.

Educate Your Clients

Before taking a break, especially if you are a sole trader or very small business, take some time to educate your clients about your holiday. Let them know that you are going away and that you
cannot be contacted. Explain who they can call instead, or what is happening with their job for the period you will be on holiday.

Don’t Forget The Bills

My biggest pet hate is the obligation to pay bills, or wages while we are away, so I set up direct debits and schedule the wages. Speak to your bank and see how they can help you with this. It really
is a stress saver!

Turn Off Your Phone!

The temptation is always going to be there for you to check in on site, or with the office to ensure all is running well in your absence. This will only cause un-necessary stress. Have the discipline to turn
off your phone, avoid checking in and take the time to be present in your rest.

Everything will still be there when you return.

As a responsible business owner, you need time to rest and recharge, taking a holiday is an important part of ensuring your business succeeds and with these tips you should also enjoy!