holiday operating hours

Christmas is a wonderful season where people come together to celebrate one of the major holidays of the year. We shop for gifts, prepare food, and wait to meet our loved ones. Sounds lovely, but not everyone is as excited about the upcoming holidays. The festive season brings a lot of struggle for companies, specially small businesses, over the holiday season to meet deadlines. Tasks and jobs are piling up, and on top of that, you need to plan how to surprise your clients. 

To help you get started, here’s how your business can best prepare for the upcoming holiday!


  • Social Media: Your Social Media accounts should be the first step to start communication about Christmas, from design to hashtags and marketing. Christmas-themed posts, articles, and photographs are popular over the holiday season and can help you reach a wider audience.
  • Newsletter: You have two options if you run a regular mailing campaign: either add holiday decorations or publish a separate Christmas issue and combine it with the current one. Sending at least one newsletter a week for the entire month of December is a terrific method to interact with customers and remind them about your holiday promotions and operating hours.
  • Website: Your website and social media accounts should all represent the holiday spirit. Add in some snow background on your landing pages or a santa hat on top of your logo to match the theme. You can also dedicate a holiday blog where you can share as well in your newsletter.

Set your Holiday Operating Hours

What are your holiday operating hours this year? Are you planning to stay open later than normal or do you want to take a few days off?

To help prepare for this, be sure to inform your old, current and potential clients to set expectations about the schedule of deliverables and completion of jobs. 

Remember to always keep your staff, specially your clients, informed about your holiday operating hours so they can plan their schedule ahead of time!

Holiday Promotions & Discounts

Christmas is not just a season for spending time with your loved ones and creating wonderful memories, but it’s also a time for giving. And no matter what you offer, you can create a promotional campaign. Around this time of year, more individuals participate in online promotions and look for deals to purchase gifts. Christmas is a great time to promote your business and boost sales.

You can set up a personalised promotion for your repeat clients like exclusive online offers, gift redemptions and the like.

Send Cards to your Clients and Partners

A thoughtful gesture like an annual Christmas card may go a long way toward building customer loyalty. Christmas cards are a good way to show your clients that you value them and are grateful for all the hard work you have done together during the year.

You can send online cards with personalised messages or reminders of how much you appreciate your clients.

Start preparing for Christmas now, and avoid all the hassle and stress later. Running about with unfinished work can ruin the joy of what should be your time to think and rest on the biggest holiday of the year.