staff christmas party

It is that time of the year again when things are getting hectic, clients are wanting jobs “done by Christmas” and now you have to plan the staff Christmas party! 

If the thought of doing so makes you break out in a nervous sweat, then keep reading for 5 tips on how to make it work for you.

  1. Should we even have one?

Although this may be an unpopular opinion with a lot of folk out there, the first question you should ask yourself is….should we have a Christmas party at all? This decision shouldn’t be made based on budget. It is more about whether or not the Christmas party funds could be better spent on a gift or cash bonus for your staff during what is a busy and expensive time of year for most people. Hopefully you know your crew well enough to know what would work best. Another option would be to have a staff get together mid January instead, when everyone is feeling relaxed after a break and before you well and truly kick into gear for the year. If this is the case, make sure you communicate this with your staff so they don’t feel like they are missing out!

2. Be organised, or get someone to do it for you!

Is planning the staff party one of your favourite things to do? Then plan away, but just make sure you are organised! If you are creating an epic day out with different activities, various transport options, and multiple venues throughout the day/night, then it would be worth putting together a run sheet with all the relevant information and having it handy on the day to refer to. If party planning isn’t your forte, choose something easy where all you have to remember to do is book! There is nothing wrong with heading out to a  great venue that serves delicious food and cold drinks! Which leads to the next question…

3. To drink or not to drink?

There is a lot of responsibility placed on business owners to ensure their staff are safe and out of harms way, even when hosting a work function. If you are worried about adding alcohol to the mix, choose an activity like rock climbing, paintballing or a fishing charter. And then those that want to kick on, can do so “unofficially” and on their own time.

4. Should partners be invited?

Are the wild boys only Christmas parties a thing of the past? Times are changing, and inviting the better halves to the Christmas party is a great way to get to know your crew and their families better. As we all know, behind most good tradies, is a tradie wife who is a big part of the business and keeps everything running smoothly in the business or at home (or both) so this a good chance to thank them as well!

5. Get those invites out!

The lead up to Christmas is hectic. There are end of school presentations, family catch ups and social occasions to attend. The calendar fills up fast! So make sure you give your crew plenty of notice so there is less of a chance of date clashes, and plenty of time for babysitters to be organised, or accommodation sorted.

Stuck on ideas? We asked our community what they were planning for their staff do. Here are some ideas:

Comedy show and dinner

Golf day

Fishing charter

Escape Room

Day at the races

Weekend away

Brewery tour and lunch

Barefoot bowls

Lunch Cruise


White Water Rafting