good quality candidates

Waz and I are asked almost daily right now, how to find great staff for Trade businesses, and while it might seem really challenging right now with the shortage, it can still be done.

Here are our 4 tips for finding great staff for your trade business.

Make Your Ad Shine

Most of us have written an employment ad, generally, when we are starting out, we pretty well copy what someone else has written.

While there is no problem with that, the reality is most of the ads found on employment sites, will all have been written in the same style, which means yours will not stand out from the crowd.

Here are Tradies in Business, we work with our Tradiepreneur clients to ensure that their ads not only stand out but are attractive to even those who are already in secure employment.

Start with an attention-grabbing headline, follow up with a brief description of your company and the problems you solve. Then move into describing the key personality traits you are looking for, then finally the role.

Most of all, do not shy away from showing your companies personality!! It is a big part of the culture of your workplace and the one-factor employees are looking for when already employed.

Place Your Ad Where It Will Be Seen

Tradies rarely hang out on Seek, and yet it is where most trade businesses think they need to place their advertisements. Instead, we encourage you to place your ad where your target employee hangs out!

That means, if they are young, find what social media they are using, if they older or looking for a higher-level role, check out LinkedIn or Facebook as a place to advertise.

Think differently about how you can attract the right employee to your advertisement. Video is still King on social media, a short video about your location can be incredibly attractive. Sell the key benefits of your location in the short video and then let your advertisement do the talking.

Use A Screening Tool

Tradies are generally time-poor, one tool we find helps narrow down selections, is a pre-interview questionnaire.

Quite simply, flicking a candidate a list of questions (keep it to about 5) and direction on how you’d like them submitted, will help you eliminate the time-wasters.

You want good quality candidates to choose from, this tool will have them dropping like flies if they are not truly interested in the role!

Interview With A Fresh Result

We are big fans of group interviews here at Tradies in business. Sure, it can be a little nerve-wracking, and yet in a busy trade business, where you are the owner are already overworked, it will save HEAPS of time!!

You can effectively interview up to 10 people in one 60–90-minute session.

Not only will it save time, but it will also allow you to fairly compare the candidates. If you interview separately, it can be challenging to remember what you liked about candidate number one, when you get through with candidate number three.

These four tips will have you locating the right team member for your trade business, in no time!

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