off the tools

Here at Tradies in Business, we hear all too often from tradies who are too busy on the tools to be able to do the things they enjoy most in life. Have you imagined what life might look like if you were able to get off the tools and become a ‘true’ trade business owner?

Here are 3 ways your life might improve once you are able to get off the tools.

1.You’ll have more time for your partner and kids

What does your work day look like? Wake up, skip breakfast so you can snooze for another 10 minutes and grab a drive thru coffee instead. You end up being on site all day, then you head home to see your family, but as soon as you have had dinner, you are stuck doing quotes and invoicing and before you know it it is time for bed. Then it’s time to wake up and do it all over again. You don’t have the time or energy to engage with your kids, or your partner and even though you may be physically in the room with them, your mind is still focused on work. Does this sound familiar? If you can improve your business by getting off the tools, you’ll have more time to focus on your partner and kids, and enjoy spending time with them every day, and not just on the weekends. Imagine that?!

2. You’ll have more time to do your favourite things

What is your favourite pastime? Is it surfing? Fishing? Maybe it’s playing cricket one evening a week as part of a social competition, or playing a round of golf on a Saturday with mates. Doing the things you love, and making time for yourself is so important for your physical and mental health.

3. Your health & fitness will improve

Do you wish you had more time to go to the gym? Or a run after work? Want to take that CrossFit or F45 class you’ve been thinking about? We all know physical health and fitness has such a positive impact on your mental state. Not only will you feel physically fitter and stronger, you’ll feel more energised  and have a clearer head if you have the time to exercise regularly.

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After taking the test, you’ll receive a customised report filled with suggestions on how you can move closer to having a business that gives you the choice on how you spend your time with simple actionable ideas to get you moving!

So, fast forward 6 months, how do you want your business to look? Better yet, how do you want your life to feel? Ready to make some changes? Take the test and find out how HERE 

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