blogging for business

There are a lot of benefits to blogging for business. It can increase your site ranking in search results. Thus, people can easily find you. Blogging showcase your expertise and gives your audience an insight into your business and builds up your relationship with your audience. It grows your list and generates leads.

If you still don’t know how to start, here are some handy tips. 

  1. Write about your business for your audience. Unlike a personal blog, blogging for business is about your customers, not you. Choose content that showcases your business and is beneficial to your audience. Example: A plumber can write a blog about the most frequently asked plumbing questions or emergency plumbing solutions. 
  2. Plan ahead. Blogging for business is no joke, but planning your content makes it a lot easier. You can create a calendar for your blog topics at least 1-2 months ahead that will give you enough time to research and create your content. 
  3. Research what your audience is looking for. You can check Google Adwords for top keywords related to your business and start from there. 
  4. Throw an exciting blog title. You can only get a person’s interest within 10 seconds. So make your title count! A good blog title will pique your audience’s attention. 
  5. Create eye-catching graphics. Don’t forget to throw eye-catching images to your blogs; it helps to get the person to keep reading. You can use free graphic design apps to make branded images. 
  6. Create a short and crisp blog but post as often as possible. You don’t need a 500-word blog every time. You can post a 350-word informative article. 
  7. Engage with your audience. Not only social media does require engagement, but your blogs too! Make time to respond to comments from your readers. 

These 7 tips will get you started on posting to your website regularly. At Tradies in Business we recommend that you post a minimum of once a month.

Use the blog as an opportunity to answer all those frequently asked questions and you’ll be easily able to send your client a website link, instead of explaining over and over again.

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