tracking your goals

The first quarter is done! How are you tracking your goals? 

How many of your short-term goals have you achieved?

And how are you progressing on your long-term goals?

We understand that it is so easy to get side-tracked when faced with the long list of to-do’s to achieve your goals. 

Here are some ways to regain your focus and get back on track. 

1. Remember your “WHY”

Normally, we feel that we’re not getting anywhere and we lose sight of our vision. Remember why you want to achieve this. What this specific goal means to you.

2. Identify the root cause.

Identify why you’re not achieving goals. Is it because of external factors as we want to believe in or is it our own mindset?

3. Do you have a plan on how to achieve your goals?

If yes, follow your plan and get back to where you left off. 
If none, then this is the time you create one. 

4. Be intentional.

Take consistent action regardless of your situation. 

5. Join a community of like-minded individuals.

That will inspire and encourage you to pursue your goals on a day to day basis.

At Tradies In Business HQ you’ll find a wealth of resources to inspire, educate and support you to create your version of getting off the tools and into your own business.

If you’re looking for specific help to work out what to change in your business and how to implement it, check The Drawing Board.